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The ftNFT Annual International Awards is coming up and promising to bring excitement to the world of NFTs.

Dubai, February 23, 2024 – The 2nd ftNFT International Awards, a major event in the global Web 3 and NFT sectors, is scheduled for February 27. Hosted by the renowned ftNFT marketplace and phygital space in Dubai, this event is indicated as “A cosmic event of NFTs worldwide!” aiming to honor the brightest talents and ...

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Imaginary Ones: blending fashion, gaming, and content in a Web3 entertainment universe

We may not be using the M word much these days, but sandwiched between NFTs and AI, it’s very much under construction and very much up for grabs, regardless of what we’re calling it. We might remember Imaginary Ones from the bubbly NFTs sold for over $10 million in just under 4 minutes back in ...


How Can XCAD Network Benefit Influencers, Creators and Fans Worldwide?

Web3 projects like XCAD are changing the way creators interact with their fans, introducing new revenue models for both influencers and their followers. One of the biggest developments of the digital age has been the ability for individuals to become their own brands, enabled by general increase in internet media consumption, and a plethora of ...


Challenges NFT Gaming Platforms Face As They Use And Integrate Crypto

The application of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is a potent game changer in the gaming industry because of the advantages they bring to the sector. NFTs have become very popular for many reasons, including the sense of ownership they provide to holders and the representation they bring to any community of users, regardless of the sector. ...

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Original: the NFT back-end for mobile apps

What is Original? Firstly let’s explain what is Original. Original, the NFT back-end offers a suite of APIs that empowers mobile, desktop and browser Apps to create, distribute, sell and transfer NFTs to millions of users securely and without any friction. Indeed their mission is to simplify the integration of NFTs capabilities into existing businesses ...


Looking Back at the Market Trends of NFTs in 2023: A Recap of Digital Asset Evolution

Reflecting on the trends that shaped the digital landscape this year, particularly in the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), you can witness an industry that’s in constant flux. The way people interact with and perceive assets has changed significantly, from the moment people moved from the traditional live blackjack tables to trading digital artwork. You could have ...


Galaxis: Providing the Tech Infrastructure for the Subscription Economy

The subscription economy is on the rise, and now the Web3 space is adding its own unique spin. The subscription economy has grown by over 430% over the last decade and is expected to be worth $1.5 trillion by 2025. The rapid emergence of the subscription model in the past 12 years — marked by ...


Entering the Dawn of a New Web3 Era with Vendetta Games

The crypto market is buzzing again, folks! With Bitcoin doing its moon dance and altcoins not far behind, it seems as though the digital gold rush is back on. However, it’s not just the currencies themselves getting all the limelight; the Web3 gaming scene and NFTs are riding this wave of resurgence too. The boom ...


The Evolution of Cryptocurrency Exchange: Trends and Future Directions

The journey of cryptocurrency is a narrative one, starting as an idea, a concept, before becoming the transformative tool that hit our financial landscape. The digital currency has experienced different stages and milestones during its evolution, with Australia playing a crucial role. This article explores crypto’s historical outlook and delves into what the future has ...


The Use of Cryptocurrency in Gambling

The rapid growth of online casinos has altered the landscape of modern gaming, offering users the opportunity to play their favorite games, regardless of the potential prohibitions of their location. The online casino world has improved convenience and accessibility for gambling enthusiasts through virtual gambling. As the technology underpinning casino software continues to develop at ...